DAVID Mundell MP has failed to answer a direct question on whether Dominic Cummings should stand down.

Mr Cummings, the Prime Minister's adviser, has been accused of breaking lockdown rules after he admitted driving 260 miles in late March.

The Peeblesshire News asked Mr Mundell to comment on the controversy, going on to specifically invite the Tweeddale MP to say whether he believes Mr Cummings should resign.

In a written response, the Conservative member said: "At a time when the efforts of the Prime Minister, all levels of government, and every Member of Parliament, should be focussed exclusively on dealing with the current crisis, there is simply no time for distractions such as this.

"Mr Cummings set out his side of the story in the news conference on Monday.

"I think we can all agree that it would have been helpful if he had done this earlier.

"Of course, everyone is entitled to form their own judgement on his explanation, and, whether favourable or otherwise, I have relayed all the views I have received to Mr Cummings, before and after the statement, and to the Prime Minister and will continue to do so."

On May 25, Mr Cummings gave a public statement at Downing Street in which he sought to explain his behaviour.

He cited childcare issues as the reason for his long trip.