POLICE have received a report that a Borders tanning salon has broken lockdown rules.

Personal retail businesses are still banned from operating by the Scottish Government, which is trying to curb the spread of coronavirus.

But Tantalize, on Channel Street in Galashiels, reopened earlier this week, according to two Border Telegraph readers.

Tantalize declined to provide a comment to this newspaper.

A spokesperson from Police Scotland said: "Police received a report of a business operating in the Galashiels area around 11.20am on Wednesday, 17 June, 2020.

“Information was passed to the local authority."

A Galashiels worker, who we have agreed to keep anonymous, claims they saw at least six people enter Tantalize at the same time this week.

The 33-year-old witness said: "I really feel confused - as far as I'm aware, they're supposed to be closed. I work across from there so I can see it all.”

The source, who says they contacted the police and Scottish Borders Council (SBC), pointed this newspaper towards evidence that the salon reopened prematurely.

Facebook and Instagram stories, posted by the salon this week, suggest that the business has been seeking customers.

The Scottish Government’s updated guidance - issued today (June 18) as part of the move into Phase Two of lockdown easing - states that factories, labs and warehouses can reopen from June 29.

However, personal retail businesses have still not been given permission to reopen. They will only be allowed to do so in Phase Three.