BORDERS traders are "delighted" at the prospect of attending an outdoor market next weekend as lockdown restrictions are eased.

Organisers of Selkirk Farmers' Market hope to welcome stall holders for the first time since March 7.

Selkirkshire councillor Caroline Cochrane said: "I think it will give everyone a boost, and help folks' morale."

Local businesses have missed three markets during lockdown, but the events will be allowed to restart from next week.

Ms Cochrane, owner of Selkirk clothes shop Liberty Star Trading, is one of the market's organisers.

She told the Border Telegraph she has received keen support from some of the core stall holders, including Allan Walker of the Selkirk Distillery.

Mr Walker expressed much enthusiasm for the latest lifting of coronavirus restrictions, which allow outdoors markets to return.

"We're absolutely delighted – delighted is an understatement," said Mr Walker.

"We've lost out on 25 events during lockdown, including a German festival.

"It will give the community heart to be back together."

Selkirk Farmers' Market was forced to cancel its last three events as Scottish Government guidance banned public gatherings.

The reopening of the market is not set in stone, however – as safety details must be confirmed beforehand.

Jill Scott, owner of The Dessert Diva in Kelso, said organisers and stall holders will have to think about how to conduct their business in the 'new normal'.

She said: "We'd have to rethink how we display items.

"We have a screen, but will we have to wrap every item individually?

"We need to get back to normality, but safety is important."

Ms Cochrane, meanwhile, said she will ensure there is enough room for the eight expected stalls and their customers, adding she will look into creating a one-way system.

"It's a good place to start, as long as we tick all the boxes for safety.

"I think it will give everyone a boost, and help folks' morale.

"People have been saying they miss treats.

"It would be nice to think we can have a sunny morning."