A SUCCESSFUL Borders hotel is looking for new owners.

Jo and Jim Sutherland are leaving Carfraemill, near Oxton, after 23 years.

Mrs Sutherland said: "Jim and I are both much nearer to 70 than 60 and it’s time to live our lives as most of our friends now do - in retirement."

Over the past two decades, the 10-bedroom hotel has established itself as one of the top wedding and events venues in the Borders.

"There have been a few famous people over the years," said Mrs Sutherland. "We've had royalty, famous chefs, MPs, and TV characters."

The hotel was forced to close its doors due to lockdown, but the Sutherlands say coronavirus is not the reason behind their decision to move on.

"We're certainly not closing down because of the virus," said Mrs Sutherland.

"We had always planned to retire later this year, though there’s no doubt that COVID-19 has made it more complicated than it might have been."

She added: “Carfraemill is a beautiful building with a rich history and it has played an important role in the big moments of so many people’s lives.

"It’s a business which has long been important, also, to the local economy.

"We’re sure there’s a bright future ahead and know Carfraemill will always be a place for creating memories."

The hotel employs between 30 and 40 staff members.