A CASTLE near the Borders has ordered a new tartan to be created as part of its major refurbishment.

Colin Frame, 34, began working to bring Biggar's Shieldhill Castle back to life in January after growing up around the old fortress and hosting his wedding there in 2015.

After the castle fell into disrepair, Mr Frame saw its potential as a "bespoke wedding venue", giving couples the opportunity to "take over the whole place".

"I grew up in the area near the castle," Mr Frame said. "When it was repossessed , it was empty for two years.

"I walked in and thought it had gone downhill. The property has a lot of neglect."

Mr Frame, with his team of friends and local workers, has already managed to refurbish and decorate the ground floor of the hotel, which is due to open in September.

The majority of rooms have been decorated, and remaining rooms will be completed by 2021.

As part of bringing the castle back to life, Shieldhill Castle has enlisted the help of world-renowned designers, Calzeat, of Biggar, to create a unique tartan to be used across the hotel in upholstery.

"We've got a rich history of Scottish history here," said Mr Frame.

"The ability to customise our own pattern, not to be recreated by anyone else, was really important."

Calzeat director Bob Galbraith was excited to work with Shieldhill on the tartan project.

He said: "I feel that it is very important to collaborate on this new and exciting project with a beautiful local hotel.

"Apart from the very important relationship between the hotel and our mill, it gives the local community a chance to see our product in situ on their doorstep.

"The colours and layout of the tartan turned out just as we had hoped and definitely emulates the colours of the beautiful, local countryside, as well as incorporating the corporate colours of the Shieldhill.

"It’s a classic combination."

The creation of the hotel's tartan, as well as its rebuilding work, were completed during lockdown.

But Mr Frame was pleased to tell this newspaper that although working during lockdown has been "hugely challenging across the UK", his team has still been able to operate under the restrictions.

He explained: "We wouldn't have been open now anyway .

"We've managed to work around the restrictions and undertake the refurbishments ourselves."

Mr Galbraith added: "It’s been extremely difficult running a business during lockdown and we’ve to adapt in various ways to survive through these difficult times.

"The new collaboration with the Shieldhill has been very rewarding in more ways than one."