A PAIR of friends from the Borders have launched a runaway business, customising trainers with iconic Scottish images.

Fergus McPhillimy and Euan Angus, both 23, who met at Melrose Primary and went on to study at Glasgow University, set up Customs Glasgow during lockdown.

Their first limited-edition footwear range, the Landmark Collection, featured well-known landmarks including the Armadillo, the cone-topped Duke of Wellington statue and the Finnieston crane.

Their second range, the Guilty Pleasures Collection, which is on sale until the end of this month, sees designs referencing famous alcoholic drinks, including Tennent’s lager, Buckfast and MD 20/20.

The bespoke Nike Air trainers, which cost from £115, take 30 to 40 hours to make, with initial ideas drafted up on computer before both Fergus and architecture graduate Euan paint the final designs on the trainers.

Engineering graduate Fergus said: “Being such close friends we are in constant communication, which is great not just for co-ordinating business-related affairs but also instigating creative thought and developing ideas.

“Once a theme has been decided we then brainstorm and generate as many preliminary concepts as possible.

“This is done to tease out any and all ideas which could prove useful.

“From the pool of designs we then selectively develop various elements until we are left with three designs which offer the most striking, engaging and clearest representation of the theme’s personality.”

Peeblesshire News:

Fergus was coy about plans for future designs.

He said: “We look to explore the seasonal themes that the coming months offer.

“Halloween is fast approaching – that’s all we’re going to say!”

But the pair are also considering designs based on the Borders.

Fergus said: “Melrose alone has three suitable landmarks, with the Tweed, Abbey and Eildons.”

And the friends are excited to see how the business fares in the future.

“With Customs Glasgow being something we both enjoy working on, we look forward to seeing how the business grows and engaging with the experiences that that will bring,” said Fergus.