RECKLESS cyclists are putting elderly people in danger in a Borders town, according to a pensioner.

The 75-year-old Peebles resident says a combination of narrow paths and speedy cyclists near Hay Lodge Park has “hacked off” local pedestrians.

“It’s been a hellish experience,” said the pensioner, who spoke to this newspaper on the condition of anonymity.

“My friends walk down this path and they are actually getting bullied by these cyclists.

“I call them the three As. Arrogant arsehole with an attitude. If they got off and walked past or if they had a bell, it would be fine.”

'I could get kicked into the river'

The man has contacted the council to ask for a risk assessment but says he has received no response.

“It has got out of hand,” he said. “The council has built these expensive routes for cyclists, but when a pedestrian asks for a little bit of help they are not interested.

“We are getting p***** off because no-one will listen to us. After two and half weeks, no response whatsoever.

“If I get kicked into the river, does my wife have to come to the Tweed to get my body?”

While he describes the majority of cyclists as lovely, the pensioner says a minority on mountain bikes are “ruling the roost” on paths as narrow as one-metre wide.

The man has been tapped on the shoulder by cyclists who have crept up on him and says that there will be a serious accident if something is not done soon.

“Someone is going to get kicked in the river. It is a wee bit scary,” he said.

What the council says

A Scottish Borders Council spokesperson said: “The council would encourage all cyclists to follow the Good Cycling Code and Scottish Outdoor Access Code which includes giving pedestrians plenty of room, providing advance warning of your presence and keeping to your side of any dividing line on a shared-use path.

“The council and partners have worked together to create some fantastic active travel facilities in the Tweeddale area, including the Tweed Valley railway multi-use path from Walkerburn to Peebles, and would ask all walkers and cyclists to be courteous while enjoying their exercise.”