A BORDERS musician is about to release a new song on Spotify, having taught himself to self-produce during lockdown.

Michael Jewitt, 25, from Innerleithen, normally has a style likened to that of Jake Bugg, but his latest venture has taken him in a different direction.

"It's an upbeat track but it's not cheesy or too cheery," said Jewitt, describing Fault Line – which comes out on Wednesday (October 21).

After a summer of no gigs or festivals, and not being able to see other musicians, the former Peebles High School student decided to purchase his own recording software and take a crack at self-producing.

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"It became apparent I had no idea what I was doing," he said.

"It was borne out of learning how to use the new equipment."

His latest track was inspired by lockdown, his partner and the tensions of being in close confines for so long – but also how the couple “bring the best out in each other”.

"A lot of people felt cooped up during lockdown, and it wasn't always the easiest [time]," said Jewitt, who lives in Edinburgh.

"Part of the song was about how I don't want to be the fault line, the one causing unsettled feelings.

"It finds the positive in the sombre."

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While recording the track, Jewitt was inspired by another musician.

"I was thinking of the harmonies in a song by James Blake – Lindisfarne – and how amazing that sounded," he said.

"I liked the idea of my voice trying to become an instrument, not just my voice."

Looking to the future, Jewitt hopes his next single will be out in spring, and plans to release a full album in summer 2021.

"Everything's up in the air," he said. "Who can possibly predict the next few months, let alone next year?

"But having my album out next summer in time for festivals will be ideal."

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And will this album share the same sound as Fault Line?

"I hope it will be a marriage of both [old style and new]," he said.

"I don't want the album to be all the same.

"It will be a case of trying to find the in-between."

Fault Line will be available on Spotify, Amazon Music and iTunes from Wednesday, October 21.