A GALASHIELS man is set to lose his job after admitting driving while more than three times the legal alcohol limit.

Robert Kinghorn, 46, pleaded guilty to driving with a breath/alcohol count of 79 microgrammes - the legal limit being 22 - in Dunsdale Road, Selkirk, on September 26.

Fiona Hamilton, prosecuting, told Selkirk Sheriff Court that police were on mobile patrol around 10pm and came across a van at the side of the road with a lamp post bent over which had obviously been struck. The van had significant front-end damage.

She continued: "The accused was standing at the driver's door and the airbags had been deployed.

"He initially suggested a friend was driving but then admitted he had been driving.

"He was taken to the police station where the lower reading of 79 [mcg] was recorded."

Kinghorn told the court he had made "the wrong decision" to drive and admitted he was going to lose his job as a heavy plant operator as a result of the conviction because his job involved driving to different sites.

Sheriff Peter Paterson said he would have imposed an 18-month disqualification but reduced it to 12 months due to the guilty plea.

He also reduced the fine to £200 to reflect the fact he was going to lose his job. A £10 victim surcharge was imposed.

Kinghorn was given the opportunity to take part in the drink-drive rehabilitation scheme which if completed successfully at his own expense would reduce the length of the ban by 25 per cent.