SCOTTISH Borders Council (SBC) has appealed against a number of valuations of their property, with the total rateable value reaching nearly £1.8 million.

In total, SBC has appealed against 23 valuations by a regional assessor, including the headquarters building in Newtown St Boswells which was valued at £380,000.

The Poundage Rate for Scotland in 2020-21 is 49.8p in the pound, meaning that the council are required to pay almost half of the rateable value in the form of business rates on each of their non-domestic properties.

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All public, private and third sectors are required to pay business rates on their non-domestic property to help pay for local council services such as schools and public toilets.

However, SBC has taken issue with the values placed on many properties by regional assessor Brian Rout, who is employed by the council but is an independent official in all valuation matters. 

A Scottish Borders Council spokesperson said: “Like any property owner, the council is entitled to appeal the rateable value on its non-domestic properties.

“We engage with a consultant to undertake this work on our behalf with a view to reaching best value for the council.”

The council has also appealed a number of other high value buildings, such as Hawick leisure centre, valued at £280,000, Galashiels Swimming Pool, set at £97,200 and the Interchange bus station, valued at £75,100.

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SBC are not the only public body to take issue with the valuations, with the Ministry of Defence, Scottish Water Authority, Police Scotland and the Scottish Government all appealing.

Their appeals will be reviewed at a Valuation Appeal Committee hearing to be held on November 18.

The committee will hear appeals from various bodies, although the vast majority of appeals will be resolved in discussion between ratepayers or their agents and assessors.

The full list of the property valuations of council buildings are below.
Galashiels - Swimming pool (£97,200), Queens Leisure Centre (£39,300), Transport Interchange (£75,100)
Duns - Swimming pool (£82,700), outdoor centre (£8,800)
Eyemouth - Swimming pool (£97,500)
Selkirk - Swimming pool (£71,000)
Newtown St Boswells - Council headquarters (£380,000)
Hawick - Waste water treatment site (£1,300), offices (£100,000), heritage centre (£76,500), community centre (£65,600), leisure centre (£280,000)
Jedburgh - Waste water treatment site (£4,000), outdoor centre (£2,000), ACF centre (£4,150), swimming pool (£66,300)
Kelso - ACF centre (£4,800), swimming pool (£72,300)
Peebles - Sports centre (£130,500), ACF centre (£5,700), offices (£28,300), swimming pool (£78,000)