A PEEBLES primary school organised a fireworks display this year, despite big events being cancelled across the nation.

And although Kingsland Primary School’s fireworks didn’t quite go off with a bang – they certainly put on a dazzling display.

The annual tradition to ‘remember, remember the fifth of November’ has many families heading out into the cold dark night to watch colourful explosions burst into the sky.

But plans were scuppered this year due to strict COVID safety measures and social distancing guidelines.

However, pupils and staff from Kingsland honoured the tradition in their own way, adding just a little bit of sparkle in these dark times.

The nursery children and primary pupils created some show-stopping fireworks of their own after learning about keeping safe at this time of year.

Each class created their own night time mural, complete with fireworks in the sky.

Pupils were inspired to use paint, fabric, junk modelling, and glitter to create their scenes and capture the excitement of Bonfire Night.

And the finished murals were proudly displayed outside on the school playing field.

Early years officer Gillian Ramage said: “The children have really enjoyed creating their firework murals and it has been a great opportunity to help them learn about firework safety.”

Headteacher Jacqueline Wilson added: “Bonfire Night is always an exciting time for children.

"The virtual fireworks display has been great fun and has brightened up our playing field no end!”

This isn’t the first alternative event the school has planned because of COVID restriction.

The P7 pupils explored the great outdoors with a Dalguise at home week after their September residential was postponed.

And although they had to cancel their Halloween parties, there were plenty of ghoulish going ons across the entire school, which included a spooktacular photo booth snapping some frightening sights.