A COMMUNITY councillor in the Borders says she would rather pick up abandoned dog poo and dispose of it herself, than have fellow walkers step in it.

Jackie Couchman, of Innerleithen, is the driving force behind the town’s anti-dog fouling campaign.

Despite not owning a dog herself, she often has poo bags with her on walks around town, she says.

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“A lot of people have said the streets are clearer but there’s no room for complacency. 

“I tend to walk my daughter’s dog quite a bit at the moment and often have poo bags in my pocket. 

“When I’m not walking her dog I’m quite often picking up after other people’s dogs, which is pretty gross – but I’d rather do that than risk other people standing in it.”

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A JustGiving fundraising page to replenish poo bags in dispensers is said to be working well.

Mrs Couchman added: “As long as people keep funding it we can keep supplying the bags.

"The bin design isn’t ideal – I think we’ve been aware of that from the outset, but it was all that there was.

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“Somebody has taken it upon themselves to remove one of the flaps and lots of people don’t seem to understand how they work. 

“I believe sometimes people report bins as full when it’s just that they haven’t made sure that bags are tipped from the tray into the bin. 

“However, it's ticking along and we just need to continue on doing what we’re doing.”