AN APPALLED Peebles resident has reported damage to a memorial dedicated to a local teenage girl.

The memorial tree and plaque were planted in the town’s Hay Lodge Park for Meighan Boyle, who died aged 17 in November 2017.

But on Saturday (April 24), passerby Jennifer Mitchell discovered the tree had been pulled out of the ground. She reported the damage to Scottish Borders Council.

Mrs Mitchell, a community councillor, said: “To rip up a memorial tree and try and destroy the plaque is awful.”

Sergeant David Rourke, from Police Scotland, told the Peeblesshire News: “Police Scotland have not received a report of vandalism to a memorial tree in Hay Lodge Park, however we will liaise with Scottish Borders Council to establish the circumstances.

“The wilful damage to any property is unacceptable and we will conduct a full enquiry into any reports we receive.”

Peeblesshire News: The uprooted memorial tree in Hay Lodge Park, PeeblesThe uprooted memorial tree in Hay Lodge Park, Peebles

Dismayed residents also highlighted other issues in Hay Lodge Park at the weekend.
A warning was put on social media for people to be vigilant as broken glass had been found in numerous places.

Mrs Mitchell said: “Dogs are getting their paws cut due to all the smashed glass, and children are at risk of getting their feet cut by shards of glass when having a paddle in the river. It’s actually very sad.

“No-one minds people having a wee get-together, it’s the destruction afterwards [that is frustrating]."

On Tuesday morning, council workers also had to retrieve a litter bin that was thrown into the River Tweed.

Residents in the town say anti-social behaviour is spiralling out of control.

Community council chairman Les Turnbull said: “I find the behaviour of young people in Hay Lodge Park to be shocking and upsetting in equal measure. These hooligans have no respect for people of the law.”