BORDERERS are being asked for their views on local police officers wearing body cams.

As part of the second instalment in a Police Scotland survey, Scottish Borders Police is inviting locals to share how they would feel about officers donning the cameras while on patrol.

After the first survey, Police Scotland decided to issue cameras to its armed officers, however, after those initial responses they are now looking to expand the range of officers included.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "We recently asked you what you thought about our armed police officers using body worn video cameras at certain times when they are dealing with incidents.

"When we introduce technology like this, we want to make sure we get it right for everyone, so your views are important to us."

According to police data, 73 per cent of respondents to the first survey said Body Worn Video (BWV) would "help them feel much safer"

Almost 9,000 people took part in the survey, and 78 per cent added that knowing police interactions were filmed would "increase their trust and confidence in Police Scotland".

The spokesperson added: "These views helped us decide to go ahead with giving body worn video cameras to our armed police officers across Scotland before the end of 2021.

"Police Scotland is now progressing its plans to introduce body worn video cameras to more police officers and staff across Scotland with the launch of a national three-month public consultation and want to hear from you again."

The second survey, which could assist with a decision to roll out BWVs in the Borders, is open online until August 20, and can be accessed in alternative formats.

To have your say, visit: