HORSE riders trotting over a pedestrian bridge in Peeblesshire are being reminded it is for feet, not hooves.

Despite the signage advising riders not to use it, they still cross the footbridge between Innerleithen's Princes Street and Leithen Mills on horseback, according to Tweeddale East councillor Robin Tatler.

He highlighted his concerns at a recent meeting of Innerleithen Community Council.

He said: “There are signs on the bridge, but I don’t think it is clear to people why they shouldn’t be going across it.

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“If it is weakened and is eventually unable to be used, then it would be a big loss in terms of access.”

Council engineers are currently investigating possible works to strengthen the bridge.

Community councillor Jackie Couchman said: “My preference would be to get the bridge strengthened because if I had a horse and I wanted to go from Princes Street to Leithen Mills, the alternative is up the main road, which isn’t a very good route for horses.”