THE search for a new head coach to replace Rob Chrystie at Southern Knights could be resolved this week following a series of interviews.

Chrystie left the club to pursue a coaching career with Edinburgh Rugby after leading the side to top spot in the Super6 League.

Melrose director of rugby Rob Moffat believes that the role would be a perfect "stepping stone" for someone wanting to get into professional rugby.

And although a Melrose or Borders background would be beneficial, the club are looking to find the best person to take the Knights forward in the future.

In an interview with Borders Rugby TV he said: “Rob Chrystie was offered a job with Edinburgh Rugby working with the stage three academy players so that’s a step up for Rob. He’s done a really good job at Melrose. He’s been nine years at Melrose in whatever capacity then the Southern Knights and I wish him well.

“What we are doing now is looking for a replacement for Rob. The applications had to be in by Friday (November 12) so early next week we will look at them and go through them. We will interview four or five candidates and I’d be really surprised and disappointed if we didn’t have two or three really good replacements in mind.

“This is a really good job for someone because somebody who wants to get involved in professional rugby, this would be a great stepping-stone for them.

“If there is someone from Melrose or from the Borders that would be an advantage because they will know the culture of the place but we are really keeping an open mind on this because we to see who we think is the best to take the Southern Knights forward.

“It’s still early days for the Super6 which may go to Super7 or Super8 but it’s still in its infancy. Because of Covid we have only had a season and a half.”

Moffat also made an appeal for volunteers to help at Melrose.

He added: “If you look at a club like Melrose, having the Southern Knights and the rest of the club it’s a lot of work for a small number of people. You find there is a game here on a Friday night, maybe the Southern Knights, the club team are playing on the Saturday along with the Storm and the U18s but who are the stewards, who’s helping, who are the volunteers?

“So if there is anyone who wants to volunteer, we are asking everybody. We need more help. Every club will say the same. Volunteers are thin on the ground where ever to go but to keep this club going and to keep it thriving we ned more people putting more into it. We are one club running a semi-professional team, a club team, and a seconds team and U18s, U16s, U15s all the way down so it is a lot of work.”