A COMMUNITY in Peeblesshire has come together to restore a 20th century phonebox.

Residents of Traquair joined forces recently to design stained glass panels to decorate the phonebox which was adopted by the village last year.

The phonebox can now be found along the B709 with the panels on display.

“They are such an iconic thing and I think it’s really nice that we’ve been able to save it and bring it back to its former glory,” said Mark Phelan, chairman of the Traquair Village Hall committee.

The phonebox, which dates from 1936, had 72 panes of glass removed ahead of being repainted in the classic ‘currant red’ colour.

Local artist Moy Mackay was inspired by a similar phonebox restoration project in Suffolk when she suggested the stained glass panels to the village hall committee.

In order to have different designs on each of the panes, committee member Dani Dove went door-to-door asking local residents to submit their designs.

The phonebox is illuminated between 5-10pm to fully enjoy the stained glass.