THE Scottish Borders Green Party has announced its candidate for the Tweeddale West ward at this year’s council elections.

Dominic Ashmole, 54, who represented the party at last year's Holyrood election, will contest the ward at the vote set to be held in May.

Mr Ashmole, who lives near Stobo, previously worked as a research and development manager.

On his selection, Mr Ashmole said: “I’m pleased that the Greens have put their trust in me – and I’m absolutely delighted with the positive responses I’ve received on the doorstep. Hundreds of the voters I’ve spoken with really seem ready to elect their first Green councillor.

“They’ve watched me campaign on local issues throughout the past year and they know that I’d continue to do so if elected. I’m totally committed to standing up for Tweeddale and making sure our concerns are heard by the council decision-makers.”

Mr Ashmole aims to highlight issues with public transport around the Borders, particularly in Tweeddale.

He said: “Public transport might seem fine from the council offices in St Boswells, a short hop from the railway station, but it’s far from fine in Tweeddale. Bus services from Edinburgh end way too early in the evening, and many routes have major timetable gaps and don’t run at all on Sundays.

“Our roads are poorly maintained and lethal for cyclists, care services are overstretched, and facilities for young people are very limited. Tweeddale needs a strong voice telling the council we deserve better.”

Mr Ashmole was moved to campaign for the Scottish Borders Green Party after watching a documentary.

“I chose to campaign for the Greens after a David Attenborough documentary reduced me to tears," he said. "I hadn’t realised how bad things already are, and how close we are to irreversible collapse. I couldn’t live with myself without taking action.

“The good news is that the actions we need to take to save the natural world are also great for the health and happiness of our communities.

"Taking care of the future also means taking care of each other in the here and now.

"That’s something that adds a lot of joy to life.”

Mr Ashmole is joined by Neil MacKinnon who will stand for the Scottish Borders Greens in the Galashiels and District ward in the May elections.