INNERLEITHEN-based company Enduro Sports Organisation (ESO) has donated more than £13,000 to local causes.

The owners and operators of the Enduro World Series (EWS), hosted an international race festival near Traquair last October.

The event attracted more than 15,000 visitors to the area, who flocked to see some of the biggest names in cycling compete over three days of intense competition.

However, it’s the event’s legacy in their home community that the company are most proud of – with £13,000 donated to local charities and projects.

ESO worked closely with local charity the Tweed Valley Trails Association (TVTA) to complete two projects that will benefit the area all year round.

A new multi-use path, gates and bridge were built in Walkerburn, behind the popular Caberston Cafe; and users of Caberston Forest now also have access to a new and improved climbing trail from the top forest road to the Kirnie Law reservoir.

This was funded by ESO and Santa Cruz Pay Dirt project and was built by the TVTA.

More than £1,300 was raised from donations and from event partners, Tempest Brewery Co, who donated for every beer sold on-site in the festival village.

The Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue Team benefited from the event, with more than £1,800 donated to support the vital work they do.

Children’s clubs in the area were also recognised for their important contribution to developing young cycling talent.

ESO has ring-fenced the entry fees from EWS KIDS into a fund that will support the future development of youth mountain biking across the region.

Ian Grant, one of the organisers behind EWS Kids, said: “The commitment from the ESO team to making kids' events a priority comes from the very top and the support we have from their professional team is exemplary.”

Emma Wadee, EWS Tweed Valley event director, added: “We can’t thank the local community enough for the way they have embraced this event and contributed to it’s outstanding success. To every single person who volunteered, raced, spectated or supported the event in a myriad of ways we extend our sincere thanks - we could not have done it without you.

“We truly believe the Tweed Valley is a special place and we hope that by supporting local charities and the amazing community here we can ensure our legacy lasts long after the final racer crosses the finish line.”

EWS Tweed Valley will take place again this year from June 2-5 in Innerleithen.