FITNESS fans could soon be working out in Innerleithen if the conversion of a vehicle workshop is deemed fit for purpose.

Scottish Borders Council has received a planning bid for the part change of use of the workshop at 2 Station Yard in Traquair Road into a CrossFit training facility.

Applicant Annette Oliphant says CrossFit is a lifestyle characterised by safe and effective exercise.

In her application she adds: “My aim is to create a functional fitness gym that is accessible for everyone in our community.

“CrossFit is different to any of the other big commercial chains or gyms that are currently available in our local area.

“The unit at Station Yard is specifically suitable for the requirements of a CrossFit gym, which requires a concrete floor and high ceilings for some of the exercises that we carry out.  The unit has a roller door suitable for adequate ventilation.

“CrossFit is a carbon friendly type of fitness facility, requiring no electrically powered equipment, and no heating or air-conditioning. The location of the unit is off the high street which will have minimal impact on the local residents.

“Innerleithen currently has no fitness facility made available to the residents. At present local residents have to travel via some sort of transport be it bus, car or bike to reach one of the closest fitness facilities.

“With the current trend for local leisure and tourism within the town I feel that Innerleithen and the surrounding area would greatly benefit from its very own fitness facility.”

The application has the support of the industrial unit’s landlord Keith Webb, who adds: “I have had several enquiries regarding this space, including other people also wanting to start a gym. However my preference is to rent this unit to an Innerleithen resident who will be focused on creating a vital facility for the local community.

“I’m aware you have concerns about the limited number of industrial units available in Innerleithen, however you will know I am in the process of building three additional units for industrial use.

“In my personal opinion the creation of a gym will be an asset to Innerleithen, providing a valuable facility in the community that people currently have to travel for.

“I have owned these units for four years and in my opinion don’t believe there is any other suitable property within Innerleithen that would be of use as a fitness facility.”