AN 83-YEAR-OLD woman spotted a mistake in her prescription and it led to a four-hour wait at a Peebles pharmacy.

At Peebles Community Council (PCC), newly co-opted member Gill MacDonald said: “One thing I often pick up, in my new role with Hanover Housing, is the time it takes for a prescription, from the health centre in Peebles, to be processed – 10 days.”

Ms MacDonald added that she was approached by an 83-year-old resident last week.

“She noticed there was a mistake in her prescription,” said Ms MacDonald. “She contacted the health centre, they asked her to collect it and take it to Lloyds Chemist [at the Medical Hall] where she had to sit and wait four hours.

“A lot of these older residents I’m working with don’t have cars, and why is the health centre asking an elderly lady to collect it, why is it not being emailed.”

PCC member Peter Maudsley said he’d like to echo the comment and added: “From a personal point of view my repeat prescriptions are put in a fortnight in advance rather than a week.

“Yesterday someone mentioned they were having difficulty with their prescription.

“It was a diabetic with insulin requirement, down to one day (supply).

“There’s a constant undercurrent relating to the booking system and the prescriptions.”

Mr Maudsley added that the prescriptions were not really a problem until three months ago.

PCC secretary Anne Snoddy said that she spoke to an elderly man with COPD. He was upset with the 10-day wait as he can’t see when his puffer is about to expire.

Ms Snoddy said: “Could I write to both Hay Lodge Health Centre, Lloyds and Boots and ask them if the situation could be improved and express the concerns of the community council.”

This was agreed and Tweeddale East councillor Julie Pirone suggested copying in MSP Christine Grahame.

Fellow ward councillor Marshall Douglas said it is not generally the situation throughout the Borders.

“In Innerleithen there is a very quick turnaround of medication,” said Mr Douglas. “It seems to be really localised and I think that the health board should be informed.”

Ms Pirone said it seemed to be 10-day lead time, while Innerleithen is four days.

PCC member Lawrie Hayworth pointed out that the health board has no management role in health centres.

Tweeddale West councillor Eric Small said that in West Linton the chemist operates an efficient delivery service.

Ms MacDonald said Lloyds and Boots do a delivery for blister packs. However when there is an anomaly or mistake there is no fast track method.

As the Peeblesshire News went to press Lloyds Chemist had not replied to a request for a comment.