FOLLOWING Boris Johnson's announcement yesterday that he will be stepping down as Prime Minister, thoughts turn to who will be his replacement?

The Prime Minister is expected to announce a timetable for an upcoming Conservative leadership race during the summer.

A number of MPs, including some who announced their own resignations from Johnson's government in advance of the Prime Minister, have had their names mentioned as possible candidates for the top Westminster job.

Attorney General Suella Braverman had made it clear before the Prime Minister's announcement on Thursday (June 7) that she would throw her hat into the ring for the leadership spot.

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Former Chancellor Rishi Sunak and fellow Tory MP Ben Wallace have both been seen as possible favourites for the role. And MP for Wycombe Steve Baker has also expressed his interest in the job.

Big names in the party like former Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove - who was sacked from his position in the Government on Wednesday evening - Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab, and former Health Secretary Matt Hancock have all said they will not contest the leadership of the party.

Members of the public, however, will not have a say as to who takes over as Prime Minister.

Only members of the Tory Party will get a vote this summer between the two final candidates.

Until the autumn, Mr Johnson has said he will continue as caretaker Prime Minister, as he intends to continue with Government business until he officially steps down.

The Conservative Party Conference is due to be held in October, by which time there will be a new leader at the helm.

On Thursday, Borders MP John Lamont, of the Conservatives, responded to Mr Johnson's resignation announcement.

He said: “When I resigned over a month ago and voted against the Prime Minister, I was very clear that I believed he had lost the faith of the British people.

“It is welcome that many of my colleagues have now come to the same conclusion and the Prime Minister has resigned.

“He must now step down immediately and make way for a caretaker Prime Minister.

“I take no pleasure in the current situation. I want every Prime Minister to be a success, because ultimately that is what is best for our country.

“We must now move on quickly and elect a new leader. Borderers are rightfully concerned about the cost of living. I am committed to working with the new Prime Minister to resolve the most pressing issues as soon as possible.”

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In the wake of almost 60 resignations before Thursday's announcemenet, Tweeddale MP David Mundell stepped down as Trade Envoy to New Zealand and called for a further no confidence vote against Mr Johnson.

Speaking before Mr Johnson's resignation, the Tory MP added: “I am very disappointed that the Prime Minister has not listened to the counsel of colleagues and stood down voluntarily in the interests of the country.

“Earlier this week I wrote to the Chairman of the 1922 Committee confirming I had no confidence in the Prime Minister and asking that a further vote of confidence be held. I hope this can now take place as a matter of urgency.

“Clearly such views are not compatible with holding a Government role and accordingly I have stood down as UK Trade Envoy to New Zealand.”