A PLAN for weatherproof secure cycle storage in Innerleithen is rolling forward.

Tweeddale East Councillor Robin Tatler told Innerleithen and District Community Council (IDCC) the proposal is being driven by Emma Guy of Enduro Sports Organisation Ltd.

The company, which manages the Enduro World Series (EWS), has its new headquarters office in Chapel Street.

Speaking at an IDCC meeting last Thursday (June 30), Mr Tatler said: “The suggestion is that we should have bike parking, not just for employees there, and there will be about a dozen employees, but also for other people, visiting the town or anyone in the town, who want to secure their bike while they are out and about.

“The issue is about whether it should be on street or off street.

“What Emma has suggested as a site is that awkward little triangle in front of the (Chapel Street) building where EWS is going to be.”

Mr Tatler said there is one car parking space at that point.

“There was also a discussion about putting the bike shelter in the grounds of the Memorial Hall,” said Mr Tatler. “We need to look at whether that would require planning.

“The officers were quite happy to put bike loops there, but it needs to be weatherproof and secure if you are going to be putting your bike in there all day.”

He said Ms Guy and Scottish Borders Council’s traffic lead officer, Philippa Gilhooley, have looked at the possibility of using a locking cycle drum which is used in Edinburgh.

“It is called a cycle drum, is about £7,500 and will store 16 bikes,” said Mr Tatler. “It is on a subscription basis.

“What needs to be decided is whether it would be preferred in the grounds of the Memorial Hall or for it to be taking up that parking space?

“If all these people are bringing their bikes they are not parking their cars.”

Tweeddale East councillor Julie Pirone said she thinks the size of the drum might be a problem because the Memorial Hall is a listed building.

“If we can get it through planning, then the Memorial Hall is the best place,” she added.

Fellow Tweeddale East councillor Marshall Douglas said: “You could ill afford to lose any more parking spaces in Chapel Street, especially when there has been a lot of uproar from local residents about the parking situation.

“You would need to take the locals along with whatever was decided.”

IDCC secretary Gordon Daly suggested an online survey of the people in Chapel Street.

It was agreed that IDCC is entirely in favour of the bike storage scheme ideally in the grounds of the Memorial Hall to avoid losing a parking space.

Mr Tatler said he would take the issue to the Common Good meeting in August.