A BORDERS town was filled with plenty of musical talent this weekend as the town hosted the first ever GalaFest.

Organised by Bill Jeffrey, the free music festival in the Public Park in Galashiels, aimed to be somewhere families could enjoy a weekend of music and activities without worrying about breaking the bank.

"It was worth it," said Bill. "The whole thing was magic."

He added: "It was worth going up the Eildons.

"It was just awesome seeing seeing people happy and socialising.

"It was quite an achievement, but it's not been just me, but it was a community event, they got behind me, I was just an idiot with an idea."

Bill raised more than £5,000 to cover the costs of the two-day festival by pushing a five-metre-long kayak up the Eildons, with the help of family, friends and volunteers.

Over the weekend Bill and his fellow organisers welcomed around 3,200 people.

Bill added: "It was brilliant.

"There were people coming and going throughout the day."

The festival was almost cancelled, however, in the wake of Queen Elizabeth II's death.

But Bill decided that the show must go on, sharing to Facebook: "I am deeply saddened by the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and my heartfelt condolences go out to her family.

"Yesterday was a hard day but a decision had to be made.

"I have spent thousands of pounds of your money organising this event.

"If cancelled that money would be lost along with that probably the chance of ever holding this event.

"So with a sense of duty to you guys and the faith you showed in me GalaFest will be going ahead."

GalaFest was jam packed with amazing local talent, and with some acts travelling to the town to perform.

And the headline act from Saturday night, Sandi Thom, said of the festival: "Congratulations to everyone involved for hosting a fantastic family festival in the Scottish Border town of Galashiels.

"Nine years since I last graced a stage in your neck of the woods.

"Won't be nine years til the next time!

"Much love to the crowd who made it a spectacular concert."

Now that the festival is over, Bill has already turned his thoughts to next year.

Asking those on social media if they would like to see GalaFest return in 2023, around 80 commenters voiced their support and more than 150 people gave a virtual thumbs up to the prospect of the festival becoming an annual event.