A PEEBLESSHIRE mum has created a parent group especially for families with children with disabilities.

Emma Stenhouse, of West Linton, wanted to create the group in order to offer a safe space to parents and carers whose children have disabilities.

She said: “I know this won’t be for everyone but for someone like myself it could be the exact lifeline that’s needed.”

Emma has two children with autism and ADHD and says she understands parents’ frustrations and the loneliness they can feel.

She added: “As the parent of two autistic/ADHD children myself, I can relate to the frustrations we go though [as parents] and the down right loneliness we feel at times.

“Our closest accessible group is Galashiels which is absolutely great but we have nothing around this area.

“I know from personal experience that there’s quite a few mums and dads in our community that have been gifted these special children.”

Emma also hopes this group can be a safe space for teenagers and adults – either those with disabilities themselves or who have siblings with disabilities.

She said: “There could be recently diagnosed adults that feel lost or teenagers that live with siblings with disabilities that would benefit in just knowing that they are not alone and we get it.

“I wanted to create a safe space where there will be absolutely no judgement, somewhere we can share experience and strategies that we’ve found to work for us, somewhere we can laugh or cry and feel like we can just be open and breathe.

“But most of all feel inclusive.”

The group will meet at West Linton Village Centre on Wednesday (October 5) at 7pm, running until 9pm.

Emma said: “I hope to reach as many parents/carers as possible.

“This could be something really special.”

The group will run on a monthly basis to begin with.

For more information, email Emma at emmastenhouse6@gmail.com