SHOPPERS hearing the Christmas song “One Small Wish” on the Co-op’s in-store radio may be surprised to learn that it was penned by a store worker from Newtown St Boswells.

The track, written by Ros Dumble, who has worked in her local shop for the last six years, was initially written as a poem in 2019.

The words were inspired after hearing hurtful comments about homeless people.

The lyrics however, were then completely forgotten about and sat in a drawer until they were re-discovered this summer.

The song’s message of how small things, even just a smile, can make a big difference to someone’s day, was an instant hit with colleagues who manage Co-op’s in-store radio after the song was sent to them by Ros’ husband, Paul.

The record has now been placed on Co-op Radio’s playlist where it is played alongside Christmas hits and festive favourites and will be heard by millions of shoppers in more than 2,500 stores UK-wide throughout the festive period.

The song has since also been championed by Ros’ local radio station, Radio Borders.

Ros said: “I am really proud of the song – it is amazing how it has all turned out. When I heard someone say that it was people’s own fault they were homeless it played on my mind, I felt strongly that this was wrong – you cannot judge people like that, who knows what goes on in people’s lives, and what struggles or challenges people face.

"This is what inspired me to write the song.

“I am absolutely thrilled that the song is being played on Co-op Radio and Radio Borders and for me the song reflects the true meaning of Christmas.

“Christmas can be a difficult time of the year for some, and I hope people listen to the lyrics and reflect on how small things, even just a smile, can make a big difference to somebody’s day.”

The Christmas single has been released under Ros’ artist name of Laurel Banks, and is sung by Nigerian songwriter and vocalist, Remii – whose voice is likened to Luther Vandross, George Ezra and Rag ‘n’ Bone Man.

The song is available for download on Spotify and all other major streaming platforms.