A FIRE-DAMAGED swimming pool in Peebles is not expected to reopen until the end of April.

The Port Brae facility closed in June following a bin blaze which spread and damaged the roof.

Extinguishing the fire caused “significant water penetration” to the plant room and ceilings within the main pool hall, according to a Scottish Borders Council (SBC) report.

Specialists were called in to remove debris from the surrounding site as the roof tiles “were known to be an asbestos-containing material”.

The report added: “As a result of this, internal air assurance asbestos testing was undertaken to allow safe access within the building for damage assessments.

“In consultation with Live Borders the decision was made to close the pool to the public, allowing thorough investigations to take place.”

The scope of repair work that needed to be undertaken was developed at the end of 2022.

It was agreed that all roof and ceiling tiles containing asbestos would be removed as part of the repairs.

Work on the site began on January 9 and SBC confirmed the pool would remain closed during the construction period.

The council’s target completion date of the repairs is the end of April.

However, the “nature of the construction works and the complexity that comes with repairing buildings damaged by fire” means the completion date could shift.

The report stated: “Once works are complete, the building will be handed over to Live Borders as the operator to reopen the pool to the public and resume swimming lessons.

“A review of management operations with Live Borders will be undertaken to ensure that the likelihood of a repeat incident is minimised.”

Back in September, Live Borders said that the facility’s changing rooms would be upgraded during its closure period.

The pool fire was the second of two incidents in Peebles in the early hours of June 19.

Back in July, a Police Scotland spokesperson said two male youths, both aged 13, had been referred to the Children’s Reporter in connection with two fires in Peebles.