DODDIE Aid 2023 members are poised to pass the two million miles mark.

Members can clock up the miles by running, walking, swimmng, cycling or rowing, in fact any form of excercise counts.

As of 4pm today (Monday January 23 2023) the teams were less than 10,000 miles off reaching the milestone.

Eve Muirhead’s Team North and Midland still top the leaderboard on 468,783 miles from their 8439 members.

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But Stuart Hogg’s Team South and not far behind on 431000 miles from 7634 members.

The Barbarians, led by Jason Fox are third with 390,424 miles from 7467 members.

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Edinburgh, captained by Sir Chris Hoy are current fourth on 356,124 miles from 6539 members.

Ryan Wilson’s Team Glasgow are fifth on 215,622 miles from 4521 members and Wales captained by Scott Quinnell are at the foot of the table with 130,225 miles from 2531 members.

That means that 37, 131 members who have signed up for the event have completed 1,992,178 miles.

So on average each member has completed 53 miles.

Well done everyone. A fantastic effort so far. Let’s top the 2m mile mark tonight.