A PEEBLESSHIRE nursery has received a glowing report from Scotland’s care watchdog.

The Care Inspectorate carried out two visits to St Ronan’s Primary School nursery, Innerleithen, in November.

The facility was evaluated on a six-point scale where one is ‘unsatisfactory’ and six is ‘excellent’.

It scored close to top marks for the quality of the setting and the staff team, and received a four or ‘good’ for the levels of care, play and learning, and leadership.

A Care Inspectorate spokesperson said: “Children were confident and appeared happy and secure within the service. They experienced warm and nurturing interactions from staff, and we observed children engaged in play and having fun throughout our visit.

“Positive relationships had been formed between children and staff. Staff were responsive to children’s requests and cues, offering individualised support and adapting care to meet needs.

“Comfort and reassurance were given when needed, contributing to positive attachments being formed. There was a relaxed pace that took good account of needs and routines. Throughout the day the atmosphere was calm, offering children a nurturing learning environment.”

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The nursery, on St Ronan’s Road, was also praised for “sociable and calm” mealtimes.

The spokesperson added that children “benefited from a high-quality play and learning environment, both indoors and outdoors”.

“Children benefited from time spent in the woodland situated within the school grounds,” they said. “This was an exciting space for children to play and have fun. They were gaining a deeper appreciation of nature and developing a sense of pride for their wider community.

“Children told us, ‘I like woods days and mucking about outside.”

The spokesperson added: “The nursery building is a large area with free flow access between the rooms. These areas had been thoughtfully arranged and children could access a range of resources.

“The amount of natural day light that flooded the areas and the range of lighting options ensured play spaces were calm and relaxed. The quieter rooms and large sofa allowed children the space to be calm, comfortable and relaxed. “Children moved around the setting with confidence and had choice in where they played. The play environment was organised with defined, yet flexible areas. This allowed children to move unhindered and access a range of resources and activities of their choice. This supported a variety of play and learning.

“The environment had been recently evaluated using best practice guidelines and an environmental audit compiled by the local authority. The staff were engaged in creating positive changes to the environment to support children’s development and learning needs.”