FROM Monday February 20 2023 bus operators across Scotland will stop printing paper receipts for concessionary card users.

Borders Buses is one of those operators who will make the move to no longer print concessionary tickets.

The bus company hopes it will aid bus journey times and further reduce their impact on the environment.

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Not printing receipts for those using a National Entitlement Card will be reduced throughout each route, in turn saving a few important seconds at each stop.

The move will also reduce the amount of paper used and litter seen onboard bus services.

It won’t affect how customers travel using their National Entitlement Card, the only difference will be that they will no longer receive a receipt.

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All customers will still be required to inform the driver of their destination when they board to allow accurate recording of this information.

The change is taking place with agreement and endorsement from Transport Scotland.

Sharon Morrison, communications director for Borders Buses, said: “We are pleased to be going paperless with our concessionary transactions. Bus is one of the greenest ways to travel and reducing the volume of receipts issued is not only good for the environment, it should also make our buses cleaner with less litter on-board – a double win!

“Whilst congestion is an on-going issue across our network, we hope all the "few seconds" it takes to print a paper receipt has a small part to play in helping our drivers maintain a reliable bus service.”

The paperless option doesn't include English bus routes served by Borders Buses.