Since playing Snake games on a Nokia 3310, mobile gaming has advanced significantly (sort of). Smartphones have made it possible for game designers to make complex compelling, and beautiful addicting titles that compete with those found on PCs and consoles.

Mobile gaming has grown in popularity as an alternative to reading news, skimming Twitter, or catching up on an ebook during the morning commute. You've probably seen other commuters swiping numbers, touching dots, or crushing candy.

Around 258 minutes were spent playing mobile games daily in 2017, increasing 461% from 46 minutes in 2011, in the US according to Statista.

So what to play then? Finding your next must-have game on the App Store or Google Play may be challenging due to the abundance of games available. Here are some recommendations from us. But remember to exit at your stop.

Alto's Adventure

This "endless snowboarding trip" available on various platforms, including iOS, Android, and Amazon carries players through the snow and across slopes in an ever-changing alpine setting. To tie together increasingly complex trick combos, increase speed, compete for high scores, and travel far in the game, master the one-button trick method. You have to save llamas that have gotten away, cross chasms, and outsmart the mountain elders all the while.


Minimize (iOS) needs players to swipe their finger across the board to combine coloured blocks until none are left. It's kind of like a simplified version of Tetris. The game's 140 unique levels each build upon the one before them, giving players a sense of genuine success as they advance. To continue playing where you left off on another Apple device, sync your game progress on iCloud.

Monument Valley

Amazing games like Monument Valley (iOS, Android) have become possible thanks to improvements in mobile screen tech.  UsTwo calls their creation "A surreal tour through exotic structures and impossible geometry".  However, users will recognise it as a stunning piece of interactive art. The game's straightforward but complex gameplay leads the mute princess Ida through perplexing monuments where she discovers secret passageways, reveals optical illusions, and outwits the Crow People. The gorgeous graphics and simple design of this award-winning game make it simple to lose yourself in it.


A vintage pinball machine costs thousands of dollars to purchase. Or you may use your finger to flip the arcade game on your phone. According to the game's creator Mediocre AB, PinOut (iOS, Android) is a continuous race against time through a "mysterious tunnel of pulsating lights and throbbing retro wave beats." This innovative take on the classic arcade genre includes minigames and has no ads to distract you.

Star Command

So maybe you're not into Earth. You may construct your own spaceship, assemble a crew, and launch into space with Star Command (iOS, Android) to engage in combat with far-off extraterrestrial civilizations.

Go to the skies and shoot strange-looking animals with names like Metallicat, Hand of Rock, Riot, and Deaddie.

Hidden Folks

Fans of Where's Waldo will probably enjoy Hidden People. It challenges players to locate particular characters in hand-drawn and animated settings. To find them, however, you'll need to prod about, fling open doors, and peep through windows. Play on iPhone, start-up where you left off on iPad, and sync your progress with iCloud; also playable on PC.

Super Mario Run

The enduring video game hero makes his debut in Nintendo's much-awaited second mobile game. The plot is straightforward and was made to be played with one hand. Mario moves along automatically, but you can tap the screen to have him jump over obstacles and collect money. The higher the Italian plumber jumps and the longer you hold, the greater your score. Super Mario Run (iOS, Android) is available for free download. Please be aware that this requires an internet connection in order to function if you're travelling underground.

Honourable mentions:

Candy crush; this game does not need any introduction, everybody knows about it but it's still worth mentioning.

Casino games; some people are casino enthusiasts, some poker, some roulette and slots, online casinos have it all and many of them can be accessed on your phone. Guides about roulette strategies and systems explained are almost necessary to fully understand and enjoy the games.

Minecraft; Another titan in the gaming industry, it's the perfect game to relax and put your building creative imagination to work. Collect blocks craft and build, you know the drill.