A review from Selkirk Musical Theatre Company on their production of The Wedding Singer...

The 1980s! Those among us that lived through them could never imagine the fond nostalgia we as a culture would one day have for crimped hair, synth pop, a clashing weave of denim and lace and a veil that everything is just peachy.

However, here we are longing for more light-hearted days and Selkirk Musical Theatre Company’s (SMTC) portrayal of The Wedding Singer puts us there in every possible way.

Based on the 1998 romantic comedy starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, the plot very closely follows that of the film.

Aspiring rock star Robbie comes to believe he is a total loser when his fiancée, Linda, ditches him at the altar, and he falls for a waitress who works in the same venue where he’s a wedding singer – but she’s engaged to Glen, the arrogant and wealthy Wall Street shark. Their journey takes them from work to friendship to love, via Vegas! With witty, comedy musical numbers, in equal part to heart-warming duets, this is a show you will be sorry you missed.

With direction from Steve Hartley-Oliver, musical direction from Derek Calder and incredibly creative choreography from Stuart Mitchell, the colourful sights of the era come to life in the most entertaining way.

Playing the Wedding Singer title role of Robbie Hart was Stuart Mitchell, who effortlessly allowed us all to fall in love with his story.

He gave an outstanding performance with every appearance but was at his strongest during his most vulnerable moments in the number Somebody Kill Me.

His likeability was only heightened when joined by the wonderful Kirsty Cleland, as waitress and leading lady Julia Sullivan. Kirsty’s portrayal of this ‘girl next door’ was vibrant, emotionally authentic, and gave us one of the most beautiful numbers in the score, Come Out of the Dumpster.

The peripheral characters all looked like they were the ones having the most fun. Each contributing to a polished and energetic line up. Julia’s cousin Holly, played by Amanda Blacklock is promiscuous and always up for a good time. Amanda’s delivery of Saturday night in the City was just brilliant.

Robbie’s band mates, Sammy and George, were ably played by Richard Platt and Ross Aitkin who gave us two wonderful portrayals. George’s sensitive and flamboyant character was the perfect foil to Sammy’s super guy attitude.

Julia’s fiancé played by Craig Douglas gave his brilliant take on Wall Street shark Glen with his highlight being the number All about the Green.

Rachel Inglis gave us excellent musical numbers and seductive dance moves in equal part where familiar face Yvonne Mitchell is great as Julia’s mum, Angie.

Natalie Wright is outstanding as Robbie’s granny, Rosie.

Ballads, rapping and breakdancing all bundled into one extremely loveable character.

President of SMTC Stuart Mitchell said: “The amount of hard work and determination that has gone into this production from every member of cast and crew is outstanding and I really can’t thank them enough.

“The Borders is very lucky to have an abundance of great musical theatre groups, each performing their shows in the coming weeks so make sure you go out and support local theatre – a great way to spend the cold winter nights!”

Cast: Robbie – Stuart Mitchell; Julia – Kirsty Cleland; Sammy – Richard Platt; George – Ross Aitken; Holly – Amanda Blacklock; Glen – Craig Douglas; Rosie – Natalie Wright; Linda – Rachel Inglis; Angie – Yvonne Mitchell

Ensemble – Ellen McFadzen; Sara Young; Amy Thomson; Seirsha Welsh; Amy Welsh; Ellie Bryson Welsh; Wendi Jo Bennett; Olivia Whitehead; Maisie McGlasson; Sophie Tame; Tracy Borthwick; Julie Craig; Denise Logan; Michelle Donaghy; Rosemary Tarrant; Donna McGlasson; Carrie Smith; Ellen Halliday; Anthea Mennie; Leanne Robinson; Jodie Millar; Callum Crooks; Robin Murray; Ally Turnbull; Billy Rooney; Taylor Williams; and Robbie Nichol