TWEEDDALE East councillors have given their backing to plans to revitalise a green space in Innerleithen.

The town’s common good fund sub committee met on Wednesday (March 8) to discuss the development of land behind the Memorial Hall.

The site used to house a children’s play park but is now disused, the meeting heard.

Tweeddale East councillor Robin Tatler said: “There was a play park at the back. Well, I say play park, it was several pieces of rusting equipment that have been moved.

“The suggestion was that there’s a nice space there that could be developed as a space for community use which could include some benches and tables for people to sit at, perhaps an area where the [St Ronan’s] Silver Band could play?

“The other suggestion was we could approach the Edible Garden to see if they wanted to put some raised beds with some community growing facility.”

Mr Tatler added: “It was really just that that piece of land there now sits without anything on it so it might be quite nice to develop it as a community space.”

Fellow Tweeddale East councillor Marshall Douglas, who chaired the meeting, said: “Obviously it’s just a green space now, it’s just the grass there so let’s use it for the community’s benefit.”

Mr Douglas said the sub committee would “welcome any proposals” and it would be revisited at a future meeting.

Tweeddale East representative Julie Pirone said: “It’s just sitting there not doing very much so it would be good to get it back in use.”