BORDERS College has committed to providing support to breastfeeding parents as part of a Scottish Government scheme.

Breastfeeding Friendly Scotland is an initiative which aims to remove barriers parents may face when trying to feed their child in public spaces.

The college has promise to be a "safe space" for new parents where they can feed without fear of discrimination.

Amy Brydon, equality diversity and inclusion officer at Borders College, said: “We are proud to support the Breastfeeding Friendly Scotland initiative.

"As a new parent, feeding in public can be difficult for many different reasons.

"We want everyone in our community to know that Borders College is a safe space to feed your baby, in whatever way is best for you.”

Under the Breastfeeding etc (Scotland) Act 2005, breastfeeding and bottle feeding are protected, allowing parents to feed their child in the most appropriate place without the risk of discrimination.

As well as joining the Breastfeeding Friendly Scotland scheme, Borders College is working towards creating more inclusive spaces for families.

The college has introduced extra baby changing units across its campuses, high chairs are available in student canteens, and staff and student fridges are available to store expressed milk.

Juliet Fraser, NHS health improvement specialist for maternal and infant nutrition, added: “I am thrilled to have worked alongside Borders College to support them in becoming Breastfeeding Friendly.

"Many women walk through the doors of Borders College every day, whether that is staff, students or members of the local community.

"The dedication to support and protect mothers who are choosing to breastfeed on campus is inspiring.”

Parents in need of feeding advice are encouraged to speak with their midwife or health visitor. Additional help can be found at: or by calling the National Breastfeeding Helpline on 0300 100 0212.