AN INNERLEITHEN youth who broke his friend’s nose during an assault in a Galashiels nightclub has been ordered to pay a total of £840 at Selkirk Sheriff Court.

Twenty-year-old Ethan Huxley pleaded guilty to butting the male to the head and kicking him on the head to his severe injury in the Indigo Rooms in Overhaugh Street on July 3 last year.

Drew Long, prosecuting, said at around half past 11 at night Huxley approached his victim and were involved in a conversation about their respective partners falling out.

He described how Huxley headbutted the man to the face causing him to fall to the ground and then kicked him on the face while he was lying there before running off.

The depute fiscal said the victim was unconscious after being struck and bleeding from the nose.

He was taken to Borders General Hospital where he was treated for a broken nose which required an operation.

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Defence lawyer Liam Alexander said the incident happened when the accused was 19 years old.

He explained: “He is friends with the complainer and still is but there was a brief fall-out. There was a difficulty between their respective partners.

“He was trying to sort it out but the complainer was in his face and in the heat of the moment he butted him. It was a combination of being argumentative and highly intoxicated.”

Sheriff Peter Paterson imposed a fine of £600 with a £40 victim surcharge saying he hoped it was a one-off event.

He also ordered Huxley to pay £200 compensation to the man.