FEARS have been voiced that final plans for a new high school in Galashiels represent a missed opportunity for the town.

A statutory consultation on the Gala Academy proposals ran until Friday (May 12).

Preparatory works for the school – which will sit within the existing boundary and on a portion of the town’s Scott Park – have already begun before final go-ahead as the council looks to move forward with the project.

But at a meeting of Galashiels Community Council, member Rick Kenney expressed disappointment that the group’s feedback had failed to alter plans for the community campus.

“I have to say that in the final plans absolutely nothing has changed,” he told Wednesday’s gathering. “Everything we raised is still in the plan and moving forward.

“It may have been an opportunity lost with what we could have done in Galashiels, with the railway and the tapestry. It could have been a little bit more.

“I think in the last two years we have raised everything that we felt could be improved.

“For me, my only thoughts are I think when it’s a really busy time when the school is in use and we’re trying to get members access to sports facilities, there might be a problem with parking.”

Mr Kenney added that concerns had been raised over a potential lack of toilet provision at the covered tennis courts.

He said: “When you get toilet breaks it’s not usual to come out of that building and cross over into another building.”

Mr Kenney said that discussions were ongoing and the decision on toilets would be based on whether funding could be secured.

On the consultation, last month Selkirkshire councillor Leagh Douglas, the council’s executive member for education & lifelong learning, said: “Before the council proceeds with the process to build a new campus it is important that the voices in the community are heard.”

An update will be provided to councillors on the outcome of the statutory consultation in June.