A NEW initiative launched at the Great Tapestry of Scotland Centre in Galashiels has given more than 1,000 youngsters the chance to connect with local history.

The project has invited the children to the venue to help them become the "greatest storytellers, digital innovators, creative business leaders and tour guides of the future".

And due to its success it is being extended for another year.

Sandy Maxwell-Forbes, centre director for The Great Tapestry of Scotland at Live Borders, said: “It is fantastic to see the very real impact that the Tapestry’s compelling visual storytelling is having on children’s education, inspiration and wellbeing.

“We can see firsthand that it is truly engaging young people in Scotland’s history, heritage and culture. Through stories of Scotland’s great global achievements and influences, it is even helping children who have moved here from other countries to feel even more connected to their new home.

“We’re incredibly grateful to Inspire Learning and all our supporters for helping to make this all possible. We hope to secure additional funding in the months ahead, so that even more pupils across the Borders and beyond can benefit from this fantastic experience for free.

“We would love for our attraction to inspire the next generation of great Scottish historians, storytellers, creative business leaders, tour guides and pioneers.”

Ewan Jackson, CEO of Live Borders, added: “This pioneering initiative has allowed us to explore how we can further support education and attainment and give children and young people the best start in life. We look forward to continuing to work with Inspire Learning across all our attractions in the years ahead.”