A BID for eight new homes in a small Peeblesshire village will be recommended for approval when a planning committee meets next week.

The properties are earmarked for land south west and south east of Bowbank Cottages at Bellfield Road in Eddleston.

The application received 12 notices of objection on grounds such as loss of light and privacy, negative impact on the setting of area and road and pedestrian safety concerns.

But when members of the council’s Planning and Building Standards Committee meet on Monday (June 5), they will be recommended to rubber-stamp the proposal.

A report to the committee, from Scottish Borders Council planning officer Ranald Dods, says: “In this case, the site is within the settlement envelope of Eddleston and the established land use in the surrounding area is substantially residential, although there is agricultural land to the east. A residential development is unlikely to detract from the character and amenity of the surrounding area.

“The site has constraints imposed on it due to topography, mature trees and access arrangements. The pattern of density evident in the surrounding area would not be compromised through the proposed development, which would appear to be less dense that most of the developments in the area and, given permission has already been granted in principle for a 15-house development, eight houses on the site would not be considered over-development.

“The design of the development would be different from the surrounding housing stock although there is sufficient variation in the village and the site is secluded enough to accommodate that.”

Eddleston Community Council objected to the application. It considered the proposal to be out of keeping with the area and raised road and pedestrian safety concerns.

It said the development could have a negative impact on trees, wildlife, drainage and water supply, as well as reduce parking spaces at the church.