A STEADY flow of people visited stands in Peebles Burgh Hall and on Tweed Green for the Volunteer Fair.

Many also attended the Peebles Business and Retailers Association Shopping Festival on Saturday and Sunday which saw the town “buzzing”.

Tweeddale West councillor Viv Thomson said: “It was a joy to see the town buzzing – we had In Chorus choir singing outside the Tontine and Nomad Beat playing in the newly refurbished Burgh Hall.

“The volunteer stalls seemed very busy too – it was amazing to see the range of groups on our doorstep.

“I hope that it will have inspired more people to get involved.

“There were some fantastic special offers in the shops and the businesses I spoke with said business was steady throughout the day.

“I think it was a great success, and maybe something the Retailers Association would want to consider again.”

Peebles Community Council (PCC) displayed a series of boards on its Burgh Hall stand.

These highlighted its activities including its composition as follows: “It has been said that the makeup of the PCC is middle-class retirees and that a better cross section of society is needed. Whilst we would dearly like to attract more people to serve on the PCC, from whatever background and especially young people, it is a fact, not just for PCC, but for all volunteer organisations, that volunteers are few.”

PCC chairman Peter Maudsley said: “The Burgh Hall was well attended by various stalls from 10am and a steady flow of people came through to see the newly refurbished hall and its ceiling as well as to browse what was being demonstrated.

“I manned the stand from the start to the end and was backed up by Jacqueline Wilson, Gill MacDonald, Sam Coe and Anne Snoddy in turn.

“There was a steady flow of people, mainly looking at the newly refurbished roof/ceiling and listening to Nomad Beat.”

Tweeddale East councillor Robin Tatler said: “The Fair was a huge success with many people visiting the stalls in the Burgh Hall and on Tweed Green.

“The various charities and community organisations represented reported a very positive response to their requests for support.

“Those who came to the Burgh Hall were also greatly impressed with the results of the refurbishment and removal of the suspended ceiling.

“It is the first phase in a programme of improvements at the Chambers Institution.”

Tweeddale West councillor Drummond Begg added: “It was fantastic to see so many local voluntary organisations at the Burgh Hall and on Tweed Green.

“We are fortunate to have so many committed groups providing so many vital resources.”

Tweeddale East councillor Julie Pirone said: “The Volunteer Fair was really well attended both in the Burgh Hall and on Tweed Green.

“It was a great event to ensure people could learn about every volunteering opportunity in our area. It also meant that so many more people could see the refurbished Burgh Hall in all its glory.

“I was really pleased to be part of the day.”