MEMBERS of a Tweeddale horse-riding group have come home with prizes from a "prestigious" national event.

The RDA National Championships was held at Hartpury University in Gloucestershire last weekend.

Two participants from the Tweeddale Rideability Group qualified to go to the contest, which took place over three days with 672 competitors from 91 groups competing in nine different disciplines.

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Given the distance involved the group decided not to take any of their horses.

Despite riding unfamiliar horses, Helen Rodger and Niamh Carters – who are both from Peebles – did extremely well, with the former coming second in her class and the latter fourth in one of hers.

Peeblesshire News:

Other members of the group won prizes in the arts and crafts competition including Seth Sander, who was fourth in the collage individual junior category; Joe McKinney, who finished fifth in the sculpture senior category; and Phoebe Wilson, who was third in the photography junior category.

The Tweeddale Rideability Group won the Collage Group Junior award and were second in the collage group senior category.

Coach Dhileas Lukas said: “We are so proud of all our participants who not only qualified in both riding and art to represent our group at these prestigious championships, but came home with prizes too.

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“Congratulations to the girls, you made us all very proud to have helped you on your journeys to achieve this, and so pleased to be there to witness your achievements.

“People with every conceivable disability, both visible and invisible, gathered to showcase what remarkable things can be achieved with the help of a horse, and the confidence, self esteem and athleticism which were demonstrated was so very inspiring to everyone there.

“The weather was not particularly kind with heavy rain the first day, thunder and lightning the second day, which interrupted everything for two hours, and then showers the last day, but none of it dampened spirits, and everyone just smiled and continued.

“Our mascot Tweeddale Ted also came to lend us his support in Helen’s care.”