A 25-YEAR-OLD man was caught with cannabis with a potential street value of £1,500 after police stopped a car seen being driven erratically on the A7 between Selkirk and Hawick.

Jack Purvis – who was a passenger in the vehicle – pleaded guilty to being in possession of the Class B drug with intent to supply on May 16.

Police could smell the class B drug and searched the vehicle occupants.

The drugs valued at £1,500 were found in the vehicle and also a search of his home.

Jedburgh Sheriff Court heard he had grown the cannabis from a plant to feed his own habit, because it was cheaper and safer.

But Purvis, of Silverbuthall Road, Hawick, accepted he would share the drug with friends “from time to time”.

Defence lawyer Ed Hulme, said his client’s arrest had been a “wake-up call”, and he no longer smokes cannabis.

He said he now spends his time in the gym.

Sheriff Scott Manson said: “This is a serious offence regardless of the nature of the supply you had in mind.”

But he said he was impressed with Purvis had re-engaged with work and the change in his lifestyle and was prepared to proceed with an alternative to custody.

Sheriff Manson imposed 200 hours of unpaid work over a 12-month period and a fine of £600 with a £40 victim surcharge.