A BIGGAR Indian Restaurant owner is set to brave the shave to raise money for MacMillan.

Abed Ullah, who runs the Taj Mahal in High Street, has said he will shave his beard off later this month to help people with cancer.

And he has already dyed it pink for charity, but is now ready to snip it off.
He said: “I was originally planning on shaving my head but I have already had that shaved twice this year. 

“One of my friends suggested shaving the beard which I have had for about two years now.” 

“It is a talking point at the Taj as everyone that I know will say something about it,” he added.

“The reason I decided to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support is the amount of people over the years I’ve come across that have suffered in the hands of the big C. I couldn’t begin thinking about what those affected would be going through and MacMillan provide support and care so they don’t feel they are battling alone.”

And Abed isn’t a stranger to raising money for good causes. 

He added: “Running a restaurant we are contacted regularly from those arranging events for various charities, so we decided to use this platform to its advantage. October 23 had been picked as its the Biggar Day Out and we provide henna painting between the noon and 3pm. 

“In 2010 the family decided to donate the money we raised and last year we made over £400. This went directly to those involved with the refugees. And I thought I would get my beard coloured and draw more attention to it, to raise more awareness. Michelle my friend and owner of Diamond Blush, has been great at creating the image I am looking for – and once again helped me with this slightly crazy look. 

“I have had Fraser Jamieson from Hamilton’s Newsagents contact me to pledge £100 to shave a small square on the day. 

“He also said he would pay double if it’s on the chin, which I have agreed to. 

“I was also thinking of maybe starting an auction and trying to raise much more than my £500 target. Another friend has said they would donate £50 for them to use a wax strip... I haven’t agreed to that yet but I am thinking about it.”