A HISTORIC mansion on the edge of Peeblesshire has been allowed to continue operating as a wedding venue beyond two years following an appeal to the Scottish government.

But Hartree House will still face restrictions of only holding 15 functions in any calendar year.

Owners Mike and Stephanie Goddard were granted permission by Scottish Borders Council at the start of this year to use parts of the former hotel as a commercial venue.

But the couple objected to conditions which were attached to the change of use permission.

As well as a two-year limit, the conditions stated Hartree House was only allowed to host 15 weddings in a calendar year, and only two functions per calendar month.

Neighbours at Hartree House had tabled strong objections during the planning process against the property being used as a commercial venue to due to noise and access issues.

And they voiced similar concerns to the government's appeals department.

Following a lengthy appeals process, which included a site visit to the 18th century mansion, Reporter Stephen Hall concluded that the two-year limit should be lifted.

But he sided with the local authority and objectors in maintaining restrictions over the number of functions that can be held.

Mr Hall stated: "I consider that in this rural location residents and other users of the countryside may have a reasonable expectation of there being a more tranquil noise environment than would be considered normal and acceptable in an urban setting.

"The restriction on the number of events makes any disturbance more likely to be acceptable to residents by mitigating any cumulative impact of events."

The Goddards bought the 18th century house as a family home in 2008.

They have spent around £1.5 million renovating the property and grounds and hope, by letting out areas for weddings, they could fund future restoration projects.