Fans of a popular Mrs Hinch group have raved over an "amazing" life hack that gets your bathroom grout looking spotless while preventing mould growth.

A user on the popular housekeeping group on Facebook shared the trick with others on the platform after she was horrified to find the grout in her new home "stained yellow from smokers".

The cleaning enthusiast posted a before and after picture and explained: "We have recently bought our first home and we are in the process of renovating it.

"We plan on renovating the whole bathroom late next year but for now, I still wanted it to look nice in the meantime without spending a fortune. The grout was stained yellow from smokers."

However, she quickly found a way of combatting the problem and shared her advice on the page, according to the Mirror.

Peeblesshire News: (Canva) The cleaning hack can prevent mould growth (Canva) The cleaning hack can prevent mould growth (Image: Canva)

The Mrs Hinch user added: "I've tried grout pens in the past and find them not so great as they wash off after a while. Found some grout reviver paste on Amazon and it's the best way to remove the marks.

"You squeeze it on, leave it for three to four hours, then wipe the residue off without the need to scrub. The results speak for themselves. Super pleased and only cost £3.50 to do. It has an anti-mould barrier built in too, so it even prevents mould growth while removing tough stains."

The product used by the poster is called Forever White Grout Reviver and can be found online.

Others on the forum were quick to praise the tip with one user saying: "Since I saw the way this paste revived your grout I had to try it out myself as my shower grout had turned black from dirt and mould.

"It was so easy to use and gave me such great results. I only had to use half a tube of the stuff. I've previously used bleach, but this is so much better."