Online auction site eBay offers a host of items, from TVs, and old clothes to sofas and much more.

Many people are able to grab plenty of bargains on the auction site whilst sellers have the opportunity to make a good sum of money.

But there is one side of eBay many of us will not see, with items on sale for upwards of £1million as experts at share the most expensive items ever brought on the site.

From a small town in Texas to a Gigayacht brought by the former owner of Chelsea F.C these are the 5 most expensive items on eBay. 

Peeblesshire News:

The 5 most expensive items ever sold on eBay 

1. Gigayacht - £140.3 million

Former owner of Chelsea F.C Roman Abramovich has the record for spending the most buck on eBay after buying a 405-feet long super yacht for £140.3 million.

The yacht was sold in 2006 and is worth a whole £136.2 million more than the second-most expensive eBay item.

The luxury yacht was a little more extravagant than your average marine craft. It comes decked out with its own spa, swimming pool, gym, movie theatre, helicopter pad and then some.

2. Gulfstream II - £4.1 million

The Gulfstream II went for £4.1 million and is known as a luxury aircraft created by an Africa-based charter flights firm.

Sold on eBay by the Texas-based Tyler Jet, this luxury plane could facilitate up to 12 passengers. Talk about the jet-set life.

It broke the record for the most expensive item sold on eBay at the time of its sale, and remains the second-most expensive eBay sale of all time.

3. Lunch with Warren Buffett - £2.95 million

Would you be willing to spend £2.95 million to have lunch with the fifth-richest person in the world?

As that's what one fan did, as every year since 2000, Buffett has auctioned his lunch hour out, with all proceeds raised going to charity.

Incredibly, the bidding for this Buffett lunch often exceeds the £2 million mark. 

Back in 2010 the lunch date reached £2.17 million whist 2019 cost £2.95 million. 

The venue typically used for these expensive lunch dates is Smith and Wollensky steak house in New York City, which sadly does not offer a buffet menu.

Peeblesshire News:

4. Albert Einstein’s ‘God Letter’ - £2.53 million

In October 2012 saw a handwritten letter written by the genius physicist, Albert Einstein sold on eBay for £2.53 million. 

The historic document which Einstein wrote for Jewish philosopher, Erik Gutkind, not long before the scientist’s death in 1955, famously outlined Einstein’s atheist beliefs but spoke positively of religious communities.

According to Reuters, the ‘God letter’ had initially been purchased in 2008 for a fee of $404,000 (£341,432), meaning the anonymous seller made a very handsome profit.

5. The town of Albert, Texas - £2.1 million

Away from mega yachts and expensive lunches, an entire town was even purchased on the auction site. 

The town of Albert in Texas is, in fact, smaller than your average street.

When it was sold on eBay in 2003, by insurance broker Bobby Cave, the town had just five residents living there.

Cave had previously purchased the town for just $216,000 (£182,000), meaning he made a handsome profit