PEEBLES has an ‘invisible youth problem’ – according to the town’s community council.

At its meeting last Thursday, PC Diane Sorrell told members that eight cases of anti-social behaviour had been reported in the past month.

On October 15, a report was made of eggs being thrown at a property in Dalatho which frightened the occupier. Loud noise and cars racing in the High Street were reported the same day. Officers attended both and found no trace of those responsible.

An anonymous complaint regarding youths fighting and causing a disturbance on High Street and School Brae was made on October 22. Again, officers attended and there was no trace of any youths.

There were two cases reported on October 28 – a 29-year-old male was issued with a Anti-Social Fixed Penalty Ticket for urinating on Peebles High Street. The second was an anonymous report of around 20 to 30 youths in Hay Lodge Park who were underage drinking and playing loud music near the hospital. However, no youths were found by officers who investigated.

On October 29, there was a report of males fighting in School Brae, and another report on November 4 that approximately 20 youths were fighting and making a nuisance of themselves in the town’s High Street.

A final anonymous report was made on November 6 that a group of youths were acting suspiciously on Peebles High Street. Officers attended and there was no trace of any youths.

PC Sorrell said: “On October 20, officers carried out a Youth Initiative within Peebles. The usual locations where the youths are known to gather were checked at various intervals during the evening and no youths traced. However five youths were found in possession of alcohol at other locations and seven litres of alcohol was disposed of. The officers also carried out eight licensed premises checks and issued one Anti-Social Behaviour vehicle warning.”

Chairman of Peebles Community Council Lawrie Hayworth commented: “Anti-social behaviour can be a concern, and we have an invisible youth problem here in Peebles.

“It must be frustrating for the individuals in the community who report this to find that those responsible haven’t been identified.”