A TWEEDDALE Spa can put their feet up after selling over a million pounds in gift vouchers during the Christmas period.

Almost 10,000 vouchers were sold in total for the treatments at Stobo Castle, creating one of the Spa's most successful festive periods to date.

The sales increase follows a £90,000 Scotland-wide advertising campaign.

Jenni Watts, Stobo Castle’s Marketing Director said: “We truly believe a Stobo voucher is the perfect present as there is a definite trend for people to value 'me time' more than ever.

“We strictly control the number of guests on the premises to ensure a relaxing experience but we are expecting to be kept busy over the next few months. “Evidence has shown that the local economy also benefits from the increase in number of guests, with additional business being generated for B&B’s, restaurants and gift shops.”

The gifts range from pampering day visits at the award-winning Spa, to overnight stays in the Castle.

In the lead up to Christmas, the spa has seen an increase in the number of those using the facilities, with groups of friends and families treating themselves to treatments.

Saff are expecting an increase in bookings in the coming months as recipients utilise their gift vouchers.