RESILIENCE paved the way in Peebles last week as volunteers helped clear paths and access for housebound wheelchair users and their carers.

The Peebles Resilient Community Group was formed last year to assist authorities during emergencies.

And as the local authority battled to keep the area's roads open during the snow storms, it was left to the volunteers to help create access paths for disabled residents.

A large build up of snow in and around Kingsland Square car park was creating difficulties for the elderly and disabled residents as well as their carers.

An appeal was made for help on Friday afternoon and by Saturday morning the Peebles Resilient Community Group had cleared the way.

Paul Spence, joint-coordinator of the Resilient Community Group in Peebles, told us: "The snow was piled up along the side of the pavement and along the rear of vehicles, making it difficult for the residents to gain access to the car park and to their vehicles.

"As the residents are elderly or have mobility issues it was also difficult for them to shift the snow themselves.

"With the council working extremely hard keeping main routes clear and safe, the request to move this snow from the residential car park was forwarded to the Peebles Resilient Community Group.

"A good number of volunteers turned up, shovels in hand, wheel barrows at the ready and a good deal of enthusiasm.

"The volunteers cleared the car park and then moved on to clear some additional paths around the Kingsland Square area where we were made aware some elderly and less able bodied people lived."

There are more than 100 volunteers signed up to be part of the Resilient Community Group in Peebles.

Friday's plea for help was the second live call-out they have received since forming towards the end of last year.

Mr Spence added: "It was fantastic to get some many volunteers at such short notice to take time out to assist others within the town.

"The feedback from the local residents of Kingsland Square was extremely appreciative and thankful.

"This is exactly why the Peebles Resilient Community Group was established.

"We are here to assist the council and other emergency services in times of need.

"Should residents in other areas of the local community require assistance, in times of extremely poor weather conditions, as recently experienced, then they can reach us through Scottish Borders Council."