SENIOR citizens in a Tweeddale village are set to reap the benefit of a local authority cash initiative aimed at promoting the Borders Railway.

Walkerburn is considering using up to £2,500 of Scottish Borders Council money to lay on an outing for older residents to experience the new train service.

Members of the community council were told this week that the cash was available as part of £50,000 SBC is giving to local councils for use on anything related to the new railway.

“We are keen to make the community aware of this. It’s money the council has identified to allow people throughout the region to celebrate the opening of the new railway,” said Tweeddale East councillor Stuart Bell.

“We are offering up to £2,500 for each community to spend on a social event or something that is connected with the railway.

“Originally it was going to be limited to communities along the railway line but in the end it was decided that the fund should benefit everyone in the Borders.” Walkerburn community councillor George Thornton said: “A group of pensioners might have experience of the railways that used to run around these parts and it would be good for them to see what the new one is like.”