IT may be one of the smaller festivals in the region. But is boasts the best fireworks display in the Borders.

Walkerburn Festival Chairman Brian Lees made the statement while reflecting on the annual festivities, which were this year led by Walkerburn Lass Holly McKenzie and Essay Winner Poppy Moffat.

It culminated in the fancy dress parade followed by a torch-light procession and bonfire.

Mr Lees said: “It has been easier this time because we have had individual people or groups taking on separate nights. The ruby club ran the five-a-sides - as well as a Fun Day for the kids.

“Of course, if individual groups or organisers need extra help, they ask. And everyone chips in. There is a great community spirit here. Everyone has a role to play. And then on the Friday, everyone is involved anyway, because Friday is the main day. So from that point of view, it has worked out well this year.” Preparations for this year’s event began in January, with meetings held fortnightly in the first month and then every week after that.

The Car Treasure Hunt was missing from the bill this year but in its place, the Bake and Make seems to have gone down a storm, and looks like it could be a regular in the programme from now on.

“We didn’t do the Car Treasure Hunt because of the poor turnout on the last few occasions,” explained Brian. “There is a lot of work involved, so we switched a few things around this year. The Bake and Make went down quite well. It was well attended by the kids, because it was something new for them, I think.” Festival Lass Holly McKenzie, 12, enjoyed her whirlwind week, and all the responsibilities that went with it. “I just wish it was for longer,” she said.

“Giving out prizes during the week was fun. But leading the parade was the best moment for me.

“It has all happened so quickly. I was away in America in May when it was announced that I would be Festival Lass. It was quite a shock to me. But I have enjoyed the whole week.” Despite being one of the smaller festivals in the region, Brian is upbeat about Walkerburn’s future.

“We are well supported by the village, so we are very lucky, in that respect,” he said. “The future of the Walkerburn Festival is sound. We’ll be here next year and for many years to come. Besides, we might be one of the smaller festivals, but we have the best fireworks in the Borders!” The results from the week were as follows: Fancy Dress - Boys (under five years): 1st, Buzz (Struan Allan); 2nd, Minion (Aidan Mitchell); 3rd, Spiderman (Declan Hunter). Girls (under five years): 1st, Don’t rain on my parade (Sophie Jackson); 2nd, Olaf (Baillie Hunter); 3rd, Penguin (Liberty Timins). Boys (five to eight years): 1st, Beekeeper (Benny Lambert); 2nd, Boxtrolls (Murray Anderson); 3rd, Blackbeards (Jack Ewart). Girls (five to eight years): 1st, Clown (Alice Shoesmith; 2nd, Sea shells (Karen Hunter).

Couple (under 10-years-old): 1st, Summer Spence and Skye Conner (best in show); 2nd, Melissa Lucas and Ruby Patterson; 3rd, Josh Landers and Amy Landers; special award to Jonti Rodger and Jonah Rodger; couple (over 11 years): Karen Davidson and Shiona Davidson (Auld Rockers); 2nd, Brenda Lambert and Reagan Lambert (Just back from Ascot); Up to 16 years: Arran, Skye, Jura, Harris - The Houstons (Willy Wonka); Three or more over 16 years: The Lees Girls + Dave Hardie (Sherlock Holmes and company).

Adult (16+): 1st, Glen Stevens (Captain America); Mixed ages: 1st Morag Knox (Game of Thrones); 2nd, Jackmcleaners; 3rd, Sarah Argyle and Family (Up); outstanding: pair of old dogs. Decorated non-motorised vehicle: 1st, Thomas The Tank Engine (Calum Lucas); 2nd, Labradoodle (Lauren Ashworth; 3rd, Shrek; Decorated motorised vehicle: Noddy and Big Ears (Colin Kerr).

Quiz winners - 1st, Fat Kids Always Win At Seesaw; 2nd, It Begins With AC; 3rd= The In-Laws; 3rd= The Buzzy Beehive.

Boat Race winners - 1st, Colin Kerr; 2nd, Craig Gibb; 3rd, Nick Henderson. Best boat - Postman Pat by Colin Kerr.

Throwing the wellie - 1st, Tracy Brunger The Gents’ 100 yards sprint for the New Zealand Trophy - 1st, Jamie King. The Ladies’ 80 yards sprint for the F L Ballantyne Cup - 1st, Sarah Glendinning.

Raffle prize winners - Four Ball Golf (Cardrona): Gus Lees; Large hamper: Robyn Keddie; Breakfast for two at Tweedside: Scott Kilner; Alpaca trek at Velvet Hall: Betty McLeod; Remote control tarantula (Ian Thorburn); Tea/coffee and shortbread for four at Corner House Hotel: Tom Connolly; Bottle of apricot brandy liqueur: Iain Weir; Basket of toiletries: E McKinnon; Teddy bear: Anderson (Innerleithen); £5 voucher for J & M Ices: Jackie Turner; Cream tea for two at Tontine: Matt (Innerleithen); Bottle of white wine (Millie McMath; Bottle of white wine (Tony Scott); Top teacher mug: Darren Heath; Slipper bag set: Trish Lawson; Bottle of white wine: Aimee Fraser; Bath and body set (White Collection): Carla (Innerleithen); Spiced apple body kit: David (Innerleithen); Coffee/cake for two at Whistlestop Cafe: Evelyn (Walkerburn Post Office); Kids’ treats: Paul Meldrum; Bottle of white wine: Lauri McLaren; Baking mug (Jack Ewart): Voucher for Beauty Spot: F Grears (Walkerburn Post Office); Cupcake posie: Dougie Baillie; Bath-time gift set: S Brennan; Biscuit barrel - assorted biscuits: Ronan Baillie; Sweet tree from Treasure Island: Karen Wilson.